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ADD: Zhushan Road,Jiaonan,Qingdao           City, China.
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      QINGDAO GREENWAY INDUSTRIAL LIMITED was founded in 2005,is an Enterprise focus on Nonwoven Fabric,our products are widely used in Industrial ,agriculture, shoes making  ,bags ,sportswear,medical usage ,etc. we mainly manufacture and export PP Spunbound  Nonwoven  Fabric , Polyester Nonwoven Fabric £¨Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric and needle-punched Nonwoven fabric. We now have more than 200 staff, including more than 20 technicians;which can offer your professional service.
We imported the most advance production lines together with the production lines made in china. With years of special experience ,we products kinds of nonwoven fabric to meet the different requirement of customers .

1, PP SPUNBOUND NONWOVEN FABRIC which is widely used in making bags , packaging, table cloth, agricultural antifreeze tents,etc. the GSM is 8-180g, 320cm to the MAX.

2, POLYESTER NONWOVEN FABRIC which is widely used in Filter media, water proof materials, The leather base fabric, etc. the GSM is 10-260g,330cm to the MAX.

3, NONWOVEN PRODUCTS.such as nonwoven bags , table cloth ,bed sheet.

4,SPUNLACE NONWOVEN FABRIC which is widely used in Wet wipes, industrial and household cleaning, disposable hygiene products.

5, NEEDLE-PUNCHED NONWOVEN FABRIC ,which is widly used in auto industry ,etc.

the GSM is 80gsm-600gsm .in the Width 320cm to the MAX.

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TEL: 0086-18660235597 FAX: 0086-532-88136837 ADD: Zhushan? road, Jiaonan ,Qingdao City, China.
Email address: Skype:susancui3