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PP Spunbound Nonwoven Fabric


Weight range: 10---180g
Width of Cloth: total 3200cm, can be cut into any size, minimum is 20cm wide.
Colors: We can provide 45-color nonwovens all the time and produce any color non-woven according to clients requirements.

Usage of Nonwoven:
(1) Medical and Sanitary Items
Nowadays nonwoven instead of traditional textile is used in disposable medical and sanitary products gradually. In foreign countries, a mass of nonwoven is used for disposable surgical garments, caps, shoes, socks, clinic bed sheet, table cloth, as well as for bandage, first-aid bundle, operating cloth, and breathing bag and so on.

2)Disposable Protective Cloth
Nonwoven wins advantage of low cost, so that it is used for disposable protective cloth widely abroad.

3)Farming cloth
In order to protect vegetable and other crop from outside damage (frostbite, plant diseases and insect pests and strive illumination) and to reach the purpose of vegetables prematurity, The Ministry of Agriculture expects the Textile Bureau can provide such nonwoven. But by now only a little staple fiber can be used for this purpose. In fact, spun bonded PP filament nonwovens are the best choice for farming cloth according to products performance and applications.
4) For Furniture Purpose
Spun bonded PP nonwoven is a good material for furniture because of its advantages, like high strength, durable, anti-crimple, gas defence, moth-proof, anti-chemical erosion. It can be made sofa, mattress covers, travel bags, case liner etc.

5)Interliner and packing material
Because of its good adherence, strength and low price, Spun bonded PP nonwoven is used as interliner in shoe industry widely, especially in gym shoes.

6)Travel and daily use
Nonwoven can be made into travel and daily articles as required because of its low price, acid and alkali-proof, good breathability, washable, light, convenience and easy to print any designs. Now it is made into all kinds of bags, travel bags, shopping bag, cool hats, junketing cloth, cleaning cloth, wipe for cleaning shoes, raincoat, table cloth and wallcloth.